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With Melling Motorhomes, you can cruise around the beautiful countryside and cities of Wales in a secure and fully equipped vehicle.

We have been a leading provider of motorhomes since 2019, providing families with memories to last a lifetime. Better yet, hiring a motorhome is a lot more affordable than the various costs of travelling by plane. 

Plus, you can explore various places in one trip, with the freedom to choose how long you stay and where to stop. 

Travel Around Wales

Wales is a place of breathtaking beauty and landscapes that stretch on for miles. Wales is a popular tourist destination, and we can understand why. 

Whether you prefer being out in the wild, exploring mountains, lakes, and waterfalls that put fairytales to shame, or you’re more of a city goer, Wales caters to a wide range of preferences. 

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and soak up the fresh countryside air with Melling Motorhome hire in Wales. 

Popular Places to Visit in Wales for Campers

If you want to explore Wales in the winter, December to February is the perfect time to go. A mystical mist often hovers over the winding slopes and rocky hills when the temperature drops too low temperatures, offering picturesque views. 

Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, is even more enchanting in the winter months. With festive Christmas markets, twinkling lights and lots of indoor attractions like Cardiff Castle and the National Museum, you’re spoiled for choice.  

For the climbers and hikers among us, Snowdonia National Park offers the perfect environment to throw on your climbing gear and explore the park’s lower trails. You may even catch a view of some snow-capped mountains. 

With frost-covered trees and misty mornings, Wye Valley is a great place for winter strolls. The historic Tintern Abbey is even more atmospheric on a clear, chilly day.

For those who prefer a summer trip, experience its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and historic sites in the best possible weather from June to August. Renowned for its spectacular coastline, Pembrokeshire is a must-see destination in the summer. 

Enjoy the beautiful beaches, including Barafundle Bay and Tenby, explore the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, and visit the charming towns dotted along the coast.

One village which offers a lot of character and charm is Portmeirion. Inspired by Italian architecture, the vibrant buildings, subtropical gardens, and coastal views make it a one-of-a-kind experience.

A classic seaside resort, Llandudno offers a lovely Victorian promenade and two beaches, perfect for a summer getaway. The town is family-friendly, with plenty of attractions for all ages.

Campsites in Wales

Wales is home to a wide variety of campsites with family and pet-friendly options. Some popular campsites for motorhome holidays include:

  • Tyddyn Llwyn Caravan & Camping Park, Gwynedd: This site is located near the foothills of Snowdonia National Park, with a range of excellent facilities and easy access to attractions.
  • Three Cliffs Bay Holiday Park, Gower Peninsula: This family-run site offers great views of the Gower Peninsula’s coastline. It’s also close to a range of beaches, such as Three Cliffs Bay. 
  • Trecco Bay Holiday Park, Porthcawl, Bridgend: One of the largest holiday parks, this is great for motorhomes with a wide range of on-site facilities. This also provides easy access to the beach and local attractions. 
  • Plassey Holiday Park, Wrexham: This award-winning park offers a luxury experience with a wide range of on-site facilities, such as a swimming pool, shops, and a golf course. 
  • Pencelli Castle Caravan & Camping Park, Brecon: Renowned for its beautiful setting and high-quality facilities, this is perfect for those who enjoy hiking and cycling. You can enjoy many outdoor activities in Brecon Beacons National Park. 

Why Choose Melling Motorhomes?

At Melling Motorhomes, our time and effort go into creating high-quality motorhomes for a luxurious holiday experience. 

Say goodbye to jam-packed trains and overcrowded airports and hello to a smooth and personal experience. 

Whether you’re travelling with your family or going on a romantic getaway for two, our motorhomes are fully finished and equipped with all the necessary facilities. 

What Motorhomes Do You Offer?

We have a wide range of motorhomes to hire, with comfortable sleeping arrangements and kitchen and bathroom amenities. 

Our spacious designs are perfect for larger families, and we have pet-friendly options for those travelling with their furry friends.

Our motorhome options include:

  • 2 Berth: All the necessities are compiled into a smaller vehicle, perfect for couples.
  • 4 Berth: A spacious design fit for a family of four, with a fixed double high bed and an over-cab double bed.
  • 5 Berth: This provides more space for a family of five with a well-equipped kitchen and dining space.
  • 6 Berth: This is our biggest motorhome available, ideal for larger families. 


Do I need a special licence to drive a motorhome in Wales?

You only need a standard Category B driving licence to drive most motorhomes in Wales, with a Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) of up to 3,500 kilograms (3.5 tonnes).

If it exceeds this, you may need a Category C1 licence.

Do I need to bring my own bedding and towels?

Yes, we don’t supply towels, bedding or personal items, so we suggest bringing your own belongings with you. 

What is the speed limit for motorhomes in Wales?

For built-up towns and cities, the speed limit is 30 miles per hour for motorhomes in Wales. On single-carriageway roads in rural and non-urban areas, the standard speed limit is 60 miles per hour.

How do I book a motorhome hire in Wales?

To hire a motorhome in Wales, you can browse our range of motorhomes and click ‘view and book’. Then, fill out the booking form where you will specify the number of travellers, the date and duration of stay and type of travel.