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How much do motorhomes cost? 


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Motorhomes are a big investment, and when you’re shopping for a live-in vehicle, budgeting will be your new best friend. 

Our first piece of advice is not to dive in head-first: don’t settle for the first vehicle that catches your eye. 

Motorhome shopping is about calculating the daily, monthly and annual ownership costs alongside the outright price tag. When you add these figures, you might find that buying a motorhome costs more than you’d think.

But that’s not to say you can’t find a great deal. By shopping around for new and used vehicles, it’s highly likely you’ll find your dream motorhome at a price that doesn’t break the bank. 

So, how much do motorhomes cost? What factors influence their price, and have prices gone up in 2023? 

What factors influence the cost of motorhomes? 

There is no one correct answer when calculating the cost of a motorhome. It’s a complex question that’s dependent on several factors, such as: 

  1. Berth

The size of the motorhome, often referred to as the “berth,” plays a significant role in its cost. 

Berth refers to the number of sleeping spaces in a vehicle, and if you know how many people you’ll be travelling with, this will be an easy thing to factor into your budget. 

A motorhome with 5-6 berths will generally be larger, more luxurious and higher in price. 

  1. Amenities/features

While this may be obvious, the more amenities your motorhome has, the higher the cost. 

Basic campervans with small kitchenettes and bathrooms are a cost-effective choice for couples on the road. But motorhomes with built-in entertainment systems and advanced technology can raise costs significantly. 

  1. Size

Your vehicle’s size, weight and space will also impact its price tag. Motorhomes designed to accommodate 5-6 people will inevitably come at a larger price due to materials and construction costs.

The larger the washroom, living area and sleeping quarters, the more you can expect to pay. Think about what you’ll use your motorhome for and how much space you’ll need to go about your daily life. 

  1. Brand/layout

As with all products, your chosen brand will either increase or decrease costs. Well-known and reputable motorhome brands often come at a higher price due to their established quality and market reputation. 

Shop around and examine how each brand constructs its motorhomes: do you like the layout of one vehicle more than another? Does one brand offer essential amenities that you can’t find anywhere else? 

Think about what you can’t live without and what you could sacrifice for a price decrease.

What is the average cost of a new motorhome? 

By now, you should have a clear idea of what kind of motorhome you’re looking for. 

If you’re set on purchasing a vehicle hot off the conveyor belt, you should know that this will up the price significantly. According to market research, the average cost of a new motorhome is: 


This figure is based on an average of the top 5 most popular UK motorhome makes, including brands like Rollerteam, Bessacar, Hymer, Dethleffs, and Swift. However, this figure could increase or decrease if you customise the vehicle. 

If you’re shopping on the lower end of the scale, the cheapest new motorhome you can purchase costs an average of: 


Top-of-the-range new motorhomes can cost anywhere between £70,000-£100,000, but the average at the top end of the scale is around: 


What is the average cost of a used motorhome? 

Shopping second-hand is an excellent way to save pennies. By purchasing a pre-loved motorhome, you can slash costs and still own a premium vehicle that lasts for years or even decades to come. 

In fact, market research has found that purchasing a 2-year-old model could save you: 


With these significant savings, you could spruce up your motorhome and return it to its former glory. Research conducted by NimbleFins found that the average cost for purchasing a used motorhome (that has driven an average of 12,400 miles) is: 


However, this is a national average, and you can certainly find used motorhomes for a lot less with various retailers and second-hand sellers. 

What are the costs of owning and running a motorhome? 

With these averages in mind, it’s time to discuss the less-thought-about costs of running a motorhome. 

  1. Annual insurance/tax

All vehicles on UK roads must be insured: that’s a cost you can’t avoid. 

Motorhome insurance varies deal-to-deal and can rise or fall if you choose additional cover, like European breakdown or personal belongings insurance. Motorhome owners will also have to pay vehicle tax; how much depends on your vehicle’s weight. 

You can learn more about vehicle tax rates by visiting the UK government website. 

  1. Maintenance 

As with cars and motorbikes, your motorhome will require maintenance as the years go by. Whether updating your facilities, reupholstering the sofa or changing your tyres, motorhomes incur maintenance costs like any other vehicle. 

  1. Fuel 

It’s common sense that you’ll need to pay for fuel to make the most of your motorhome. As of August 2023, fuel prices for petrol and diesel are as follows: 

Current UK Petrol Prices: 

UK Average Supermarket Average Motorway Average
149.06 pence (£1.49) 145.29 pence (£1.45) 172.61 pence (£1.72)


Current UK Diesel Prices: 


UK Average Supermarket Average Motorway Average
150.50 pence (£1.50) 147.15 pence (£1.47) 172.93 pence (£1.72)


How often you use your motorhome and how far you travel will inevitably affect your fuel costs. Bear this in mind if you’re purchasing a vehicle for month-long European road trips: fuel costs will definitely need their own section in your budgeting plan. 

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The decision to purchase a motorhome should not be taken lightly. 

While beautiful and luxurious, they take a lot of work to maintain. Owning a motorhome is a lifestyle, one where you must consider the cost of annual road tax, maintenance and monthly servicing. 

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