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How to Choose the Best Affordable Campervan for Your Next Road Trip

Are you planning a road trip and looking for a campervan that suits your budget? 

Choosing the right campervan can massively impact your comfort, convenience, and overall enjoyment. 

Today, Melling Motorhomes will guide you through choosing the best affordable campervan for your next holiday. We’ll introduce you to the different types of campervans available at Melling Motorhomes and bring you up to speed on their unique features and amenities. 

Step 1: Determine Your Budget

The first step to choosing the best affordable campervan is determining your budget. 

Setting a budget will help you narrow your options and find a campervan that meets your financial limitations. At Melling Motorhomes, we offer a wide range of affordable campervans that cater to different budgets.

The cost of renting one of our vehicles depends on the time of year and length of your rental period. Prices are reduced during the low season and raised in the high season due to a higher demand: 

  • Low Season: 1st November to the 31st March
  • Mid Season: 1st April to 31st May, and the 1st September to the 31st October
  • High Season: 1st June to the 31st August

It’s vital to remember that there may be additional costs, such as insurance or a security deposit, so it’s always a good idea to ask us for a comprehensive breakdown of our pricing.

Step 2: Consider Your Travel Companions

The next step is to consider your travel companions. 

If you’re travelling alone or with a partner, a 2-berth campervan would be the perfect choice. Our 2-berth motorhomes are cosy, comfortable and ideal for couples or two friends heading on an adventure.

On the other hand, if you’re travelling with family or a group of friends, a 4-berth or 5-berth campervan would be more suitable. Our 4-berth motorhomes are fantastic as they allow you to do everything under one roof – whether eating, sleeping or driving. 

If you want more space, our 5-berth motorhomes are perfect for cross-country trips with larger groups and perhaps your pets! 

Step 3: Look for Pet-Friendly Options

For many pet owners, leaving their furry friend is simply not an option. 

Placing your pet in a kennel may bring them stress or discomfort, and leaving them at home means hiring someone responsible to take care of them while you’re away. Instead, you can bring them along for the adventure and create lifelong memories.

That’s why we’ve ensured our pet-friendly motorhome hire options are the safest, most secure models on the market. 

Our pet-friendly motorhomes, like the 5-berth Autoroller 747, are equipped with beautifully soft Lara furnishings, a contemporary kitchen and a host of modern amenities like a reversing camera, Zenec touch screen with digital radio, hands-free and satnav.

Step 4: Consider the Size of the Campervan

The size of the campervan is also a vital factor to consider.

A smaller campervan is easier to manoeuvre and park, while a larger campervan offers more space and comfort. If you’re travelling with a larger group, our 6-berth motorhomes are a great way to eat, sleep and drive under one roof.

Choose Melling Motorhomes for your next holiday!

Make your road trip the best one yet with a campervan from Melling Motorhomes. Determine your budget, choose your travel companions and bring your pet along for the ride of a lifetime. We cater to groups of all sizes with our diverse selection of berths, all equipped with the finest available amenities. Choose from our range of motorhomes, and experience the joy of an authentic caravanning holiday.