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5 Benefits of Renting a Motorhome Instead of Buying

Have you been thinking about buying a motorhome? Wait right there! Before you do, we want to tell you the five main benefits of renting a motorhome instead of buying. 

If you are looking for a low-commitment, lower-cost holiday than travelling abroad, you will love the benefits of renting a motorhome. 

  1. They are more cost-effective in the short term

Do you want to live the motorhome lifestyle as a short-term holiday alternative? If this is the case, renting will be cheaper than buying. The average cost of purchasing a motor home can range from £5,000 for second-hand vehicles to £100,000 for the newest models. 

£5,000 is a lot to spend on a motorhome you won’t use often: you might even sell it for a price lower than you purchased. To avoid this, renting from Melling Motorhomes is a much more affordable option. 

For example, our Zefiro 685 Twin Beds model costs just £1,550 to rent for two weeks of fun. With a drop-down double bed, flat-screen TV and shower, you won’t have to bother with the costs of furnishing your motorhome.

Simply pay an initial fee, plus insurance. Then you will be ready to embark on your adventure.

  1.  Pet-friendly options are available! 

No one likes leaving their pets at home. Although sometimes unavoidable, our animal friends know how to make us feel guilty about leaving them behind. As is typically the case, this is because most hotels, air BnBs and villas have strict ‘no pet’ rules. 

But with a motorhome, you can choose a pet-friendly model and bring your furry companion on the ride. Pets are a part of our family, so why shouldn’t they enjoy the vacation too? 

Take your dog or cat to new places: let them explore their new environment just as your family will. Then, once they have tired themselves out, they can retire to the comfort of our pet-friendly motorhome: the Zefiro 675.

Whether they are curled up on the couch or at your feet, we are sure that bringing them on your travels will spark as much joy in your life as it does in theirs.

  1. Test the lifestyle

If you have yet to dip your toes into motorhome holidays, renting is a great way to see if you enjoy the lifestyle. 

Many people purchase a motorhome knowing all the benefits they have to offer. Yet when they finally disembark, they realise that living in close quarters is not for them. Space can be an issue for some, as well as the limitations to where you can visit. 

However, renting a motorhome will allow you to try this lifestyle, non-commital. If you find yourself loving the freedom that comes with motorhome holidays, you can rest assured knowing this is a holiday you enjoy. 

Test the waters with your children: see if they enjoy camping grounds and appreciate the outdoors as much as you do. If they do, you are in luck! 

Renting a motorhome comes at a much smaller cost than the combined bills of airfare and hotel rooms. Simply cover your food purchases and petrol and head for the hills in your luxury vehicle.

  1. No maintenance

The responsibilities of owning a motorhome can be very stressful. Some of the most common problems with RV ownership are burst water lines, tire blowouts, electrical issues and toilet malfunctions.

While it is possible to fix these issues yourself, they can be expensive and time-consuming. Plus, you may have to delay your holidays if you encounter a mechanical break that you can’t fix without professional assistance. 

But if you rent a motorhome, these problems are not yours to fret over. The average cost of motorhome maintenance per year can range anywhere from £900-£1,800, depending on the issue.

Renting a motorhome takes all the hassle out of maintenance and sets you free to enjoy your vacation. Leave it up to the company you rent from to sort out issues.

  1. Try different models!

Once you buy a motorhome, that is the model you own for the foreseeable future. Perhaps you bought it with you and your partner in mind. With a double bed, compact living area and small storage, this model was perfect for the period you bought it. 

But as time goes on, your needs may change. Motorhomes can last up to 20 years, meaning that if this model becomes unsuitable for your family adventures, you will have to sell and purchase a newer model. 

Motorhomes lose their value over time. As models are released, you will likely receive a smaller return on your investment.

When it was once you and your partner, you now have three children. They all want to pile in the motorhome this holiday season. But there is just no way a family of five can squeeze in a twin bed. 

That’s why hiring a motorhome allows you greater freedom: whether you need to increase or decrease the space you need, you can try out different models and brands. 

Choose Melling Motor Homes for your next vacation!

Renting a motorhome is more affordable and convenient than buying your own. We hope to have shown you why! They are great for those only looking to take short-term adventures into nature. 

Renting pet-friendly vehicles can keep your furry friend out of the kennels and let them join in on the fun. They can also ensure you know what motorhome holidays are like before you purchase your own. 

Visit Melling Motor Homes and browse our range of bespoke, beautifully decorated Italian motor homes. We promise you won’t be disappointed.