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8 Storage Ideas for Your Motorhome

Many motorhomes come fully furnished with all the basic amenities you’ll need. However, if you have a large family or many personal items, we’ve created a list of storage ideas so you don’t have to!

From innovative gadgets to storage add-ons, your motorhome will be ready to go in no time. This is especially beneficial if you use your motorhome for frequent travelling.

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1. Collapsible and foldable items

When you’re running low on space, foldable items are ideal to keep in your vehicle.

Whether you live in your motorhome or you’re preparing for a long trip, you can never pack too much. Foldable laundry bags and drying racks are great for easy storing until you need to do a wash.

For an efficient kitchen, collapsible bowls, cups, and kettles will help you save cupboard space without sacrificing the essentials.

Foldable storage boxes are also ideal for holding clothes, food, and tools

2. Overhead storage compartments

When floor space is limited in motorhomes, why not utilise vertical space?

If you require more overhead storage in your motorhome, this can be customised to the layout and design of your vehicle. You could add adjustable shelves or modular systems for storing ornaments, tools, or homeware.

Avoid storing heavy items here to prevent damaging the shelving and causing a hazard.

3. Underfloor storage

Some motorhome models come with built-in underfloor storage. You can use this to store van tools, seasonal gear, or emergency supplies.

If your motorhome doesn’t have underfloor storage, consider having some placed to prevent cluttering. This is also ideal for safely storing valuable items so they aren’t visible to intruders.

To maintain safe driving conditions, consider the weight of your motorhome and the need for waterproofing and insulation before installing underfloor storage.

4. Door back organisers

Door organisers are a smart and simple approach to motorhome storage.

These can be hung from kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom doors to maximise storage and reduce cluttering. There are three types of door organisers available:

  • Pockets and pouches: Ideal for storing small items like toiletries, kitchen tools, or stationery.
  • Hooks and racks: Suitable for hanging clothes, towels, or kitchen utensils.
  • Customisable systems: Modular systems can be customised with shelves, baskets, or clips.

5. Bespoke built-ins

If you want to design your own storage, why not opt for bespoke built-ins?

These can be customised to fit your motorhome’s exact dimensions and crafted to blend seamlessly with the interior.

Consider adding under-seating storage with drawers or compartments for storing bedding or clothing. Additionally, you could insert pull-out pantries for cooking supplies, perfect for small kitchens.

6. External storage add-ons

Who said you could only store things inside of your motorhome?

If you are outdoorsy, add bike racks to your vehicle to safely store and transport your bicycles. You could also attach cargo carriers to the motorhome tow hitch as additional storage for your items.

Roof boxes or racks are also a great way to store bulky items, such as sports equipment, luggage, or camping gear.

7. Maximising cabinet space

To make the most out of your cabinets, you can purchase organisers to create more storage space.

This includes:

  • Shelf dividers: Use shelf dividers in your cabinets and cupboards to keep items upright and organised.
  • Door-mounted organisers: Use door-mounted racks or pockets for additional storage of small items or spices.
  • Under-shelf baskets: Add under-shelf baskets to maximise unused space in your cabinets.
  • Vertical stacking: Use stackable containers or shelves to utilise the full height of cabinets.
  • Sliding organisers: Add sliding baskets or drawers inside cabinets for easier access to items stored at the back.
  • Adjustable shelving: Use adjustable shelves to customise the storage space for different-sized items.

8. Innovative gadgets and accessories

Every motorhome needs a collection of innovative gadgets and accessories.

This includes foldable or hanging bin bags that can be safely stored when not in use, or foldable furniture, such as chairs and tables.

Magnetic strips are also great for storing kitchen utensils or tools. This creates more space on your countertop or cabinets for various cooking tasks. For clean drinking water, invest in a tap water filter, preventing you from having to store bulky water bottles.

Multifunctional appliances, such as a combination microwave, oven, or compact dishwasher, are ideal for small motorhomes.

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